Friday, August 31, 2007

All Rounders

Indian think tank now blames lack of an all rounder in the team for its losses!

Funny, I see most well-rounded men in the Indian team - look at Sachin Tendulkar, or till recently there was a Sehwag, and how can we forget Ramesh Powar? Pot-bellies are our birth right and we shall have them, right guys? Running around and catching the ball and saving runs, well, that's for lesser mortals!

But seriously, if all the 'specialists' in the team do their job well, who needs all rounders? All we need is a pack of men who are out there with a common objective - 'to perform to win' and that's it.

What we lack is the killer instinct, which makes us bat the way we did in 4th ODI, what we lack is the total commitment and winning attitude which makes us so inconsistent, what we lack is coherence, homogeneity in the team which makes us so 'self-oriented' match winners, what we lack is the team spirit where individuals forget their lives for a common cause of victory, what we lack is the spirit of playing the game for love of it which makes us think about match fees and selections.

We do not lack all rounders, we simply lack the Commitment!

मेरा भारत महान!


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. all "rounders"..
Well said Ranjeet. I too was commenting y'day while watching the match. They'll have to stop blaming something other than themselves.

Individual gain such as getting a berth in some more matches is imp. for some of the players out there. Team jaaye bhaad mein.

Ranjeet said...

You said it Cuckoo!