Thursday, October 11, 2007

Australia Lead India 3-1

There they go again!!! Indians were streamrolled, crushed, shredded to pieces, burnt down and then thumped away from the ground today.

I think that outside the stadium in Vadodara, a passer-by would have asked another passer-by "Itna sannata kyu hai bhai?"

This match showed yet again that Aussies are made up of stuff that is not available anywhere else. If I was Gabbar, I would ask Ponting "Ye Australia wale apne betonko kaunse chakki ka aate khilate hai?"

Now, that is a victory - and although it is bad for those watching it, because it was a no show just like World Cup finals 4 years back - it was a thumping victory - the one which does दूध का दूध, पानी का पानी !

Awesome show by the Aussies - looks like they don't like losing one bit! They had to get back after the narrow loss at Chandigarh. Lee and Johnson were superb and so were Aussie fielders. And for once, Hayden gave Gilly the chance to get back in form.

Let us look at what is hapenning with the Indian side:
It was good to see Sachin bat so sublimely yesterday! I hope that he continues this form for rest of the series. But Mr. Rahul Dravid, what is wrong with you? 5 matches and only 44 runs??? What is it? So far, Dhoni has been cool in face of losing matches - one hopes that he gets back into his batting groove soon.

This match went on to show how crucial it is to get a good start. Really bad start and Indian team almost never manages to recover from them. This one was the same case.

Indians really need to pull themselves us and got to turn the series around with some good thumping victories against Aussies - Yes, yes, I know it is much easier to say than to put it in practice even once - but what the heck, let us at least say it!


Anonymous said...

There you are begining to write. Let the words flow like a purposeful river. Just to put things in perpective earlier pieces streamed like water in an irrigation canal.
Stick to your own thoughts ..I mean I would rather you give me your take than some Osman...otherwise why should I be here?


Ranjeet said...

Thanks Sanjeev, I appreciate your encouragment.