Friday, October 12, 2007

Goodbye, Inzy!

Inzy achieved what not many Pakistanis have achieved in their lifetimes - Love, from Indian cricket fans!

Others like Zahir Abbas, Imran, Javed, Salim Malik, Shoaib have had their share of Indian fans - but have no doubts - if there ever was one Lovable Pakistani Player - it had to be Inzy! Good Ol' Inzy! The Lovable Giant! The Silent Assassin!

Osman Samiuddin of Cricinfo writes about his favourite Inzy moment here.

I, for one, loved the way he batted so easily - the laid back attitude, the subtle humour, the down to earth attitude, the rare moment(s) of emotional display, the big shots, the elegant cuts, drives and flicks, the way he made batting look so simple, his commitment to the game, and his hilarious legacy of run outs!!!

Take a bow, Inzamam-Ul-Haq!


Amit said...

His commitment to the game was undoubted but whenever I think of Inzy the only thing I think about is run-outs :))

Ranjeet said...


Sandy said...

Inzy was really famous for running himself (and others) out, but honestly, give me a batsman of his capability any day and I'll pick him in spite of that flaw. He was easily Pakistan's best ODI batsman ever after Saeed Anwar.

Ranjeet said...

Hey Sandy, Thanks! I would pick Inzy too, and I would pick him not just in ODIs but for tests too!