Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Misbah Ul Haq!!! What art thou?

Despite the promising star that he truly is (remember the match against Australia in T20 WC?) , these are tough times on poor Misbah.

He seems to be getting adept at championing the losing cause.

While people remember only the Twnety20 finals where he threw it away, not long ago and in the same Twenty20 WC, Misbah also had the ignominy of not been able to score a run in last 2 balls to win and Pakistan had to go into a bowl out and finally lose, yet again to India!

If that was not enough, in the last ODI against SA, when Pakistan were cruising towards victory with only 32 required in 10 overs and 5 wickets in hand, Misbah had the misfortune of opening the gates after getting out to give SA the match and the series!!!!

The lad sure has the knack of being 'almost there'! I think he should consider himself renaming to Miss-Bah!!


Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah, agree with you. :-)

I am looking forward to Indo-Pak series. Let's see what all it has in store.

Amit said...

.. or MisBah Few Runs (read miss by few runs =))

Ranjeet said...

Cuckoo: Yeah, looking forward to Indo-Pak series.

Amit: Hey that's a good one! I almost heard ya in a Jamaican accent ! :-)