Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dropping Dravid!

Well, as speculated by some of my friends, Dravid has been rested...i mean dropped...er...um...no rested for fitness...um....whatever, you get the point, right?

As expected, this has led to a national outcry, ridiculous suggestions, and an expected 'mum' from the man himself.

I do not support the 'Dravid Dropping' decision.
I do not understand it.

C'mon, give him a break! He has not been in form for about 10 matches and you feel he is a droppable candidate? Just think about it - some months back, he was :
1) Captain of India in ODIs
2) Wicket Keeper for the team
3) Mainstay in batting (Yes, he had learnt to bat well in ODIs - it was a good adaptation - required for survival)

And suddenly you have a team which struggles to justify presence of 2 regular wicket keepers and he is no more the captain, he struggles for runs for a few matches and , yes, we are dropping him?

I do not believe that a player should be in the team purely based on past laurels and achievements as I have mentioned above. But my reasons for not dropping Dravid are as follows:

1) Series against Pakistan at home - Home is the best place to regain form
2) We need someone strong like Dravid to bat and bat well on pitches in Australia - He can do so only if he is in form - we need to get him back in the form and we need it NOW
3) Dropping someone who has just run out of form and then replacing him with a 100 times more out of form player is for god's sake, crazy !!! (Yes, I do not support the replacement by Sehwag)
4) We have to learn to trust our strong players and give them enough chances to bounce back.
5) I think the chap needs to get his rhythm back and if he had failed in series against Pakistan, yes, then I would have dropped him because your bad patch has to end quick at home and if it is not, then "Houston, we have a problem".

Now, unless there is a strong hidden agenda behind this 2-match-rest(!), I do not see any logic in this move by BCCI.

I sincerely hope that the already fragile Indian House will not come crashing down without The Wall.

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