Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Test Team

My playing test team against Pakistan:

1 Dinesh Karthik
2 Gautam Gambhir
3 Rahul Dravid
4 Sachin Tendulkar
5 Yuvraj Singh
6 Mahendra Singh Dhoni
7 Anil Kumble
8 Murali Kartik
9 Zaheer Khan
10 Irfan Pathan
11 RP Singh
12th man: S Sreesanth

Observation 1: There is no Ganguly/ Laxman.
Reason: Time to phase out certain players due to age and to give new skilled players a chance. No point in keeping them as 12th man since they cant move swiftly in the field if services of a 12th man are required.

Observation 2: There are 5 bowlers in the playing eleven.
Reason: Need to take 20 wickets to win a test match.

Observation 3: No Sehwag / Bhajji / Jaffer
Reason: Would have liked to play Sehwag, but sorry no place. As for Bhajji, I still do not have faith in him. Jaffer would probably be a good bet in domestic conditions, but with Gambhir in form and deserving a chance, I'd go with Gambhir.

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Anonymous said...

Our batters played like millionaires who had lots of free cash to dole out. Dhoni,Zaheer and Laxativeman gave ample proof that their brains are between their ample buns. Laxativeman was sleeping while Misbah batted. Sachin was too when he himself batted. Tanvir could have driven a truck between Gandungly's bat and pads but in cricket you are only allowed to drive leather balls. Dravid knew where his stumps were but not too much about Tanvir. Thats because Board of Corrupt Comedians of India decided he was no good for ODIs. Dinesh Karthik and Bhajji appeared content to keep Gambhir/Yuvraj and Pawar out of the team...they reckoned this performance is good enough to take them to Australia. So did the BCCI.

11:05 am: Rameez Raja : 2 runs take 10 runs without a wicket (Joke is on you stupid India supporters. See Murali Karthick f*ed up in the field with the run out opportunity? )