Sunday, March 8, 2009

Terrorist attack on cricket

The horrible cowardly attack on SL cricketers was the worst day in the life of glorious game, worse than any other.
The Lankan cricketers took it on their chin saying that they are used to bombs and bullets flying around in their country.
If the terrorists truly want to fight the SL cricketers, let them throw a bowler to stop a marauding Samarweera who notched twin double centuries or throw the gun away and hold a bat against the wily Murali.
Terrorists are cowards, pityful cowards.
There is no cause that can justify attack on fellow humans and especially sportsmen.
I think Pakistan is in a state where things have got horribly out of control and no international team will visit them for any cricket. One feels sad for the immensly talented Pakistani cricketers, though and hopes that they re-locate or at least they get to visit the other nations to play for their nation or club side.
The terrorsits have fled for now, and the game of Cricket moves on....


Abhijit Dharmadhikari said...

I agree that it shouldn't have happened with any team in the world. Terrorism is bad! But when all other teams pulled off, why did Lankans go there? Imran Khan ridiculed India for pulling off. Ranatunga blamed India calling it as a cowardly decision. Finally our team's decision turned out to be a wise decision!

Anyway, may that sad incident not happen again anywhere in the world.

Inner Vision said...
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Inner Vision said...

It’s a sad thing for Pakistan Cricket. I do not think any team would like to visit them in the near future. It’s only because of the bus driver that the team could be saved.

Anonymous said...


Hope you are in good health..Well IPL has been a great success inside and outside India. Although ICL followed predictions IPL has defied all negative forecast.

What next? Will IPL create a cricketing replica of EPL to an extent where English clubs rule the Champions League but England as a footballing nation never wins anything of note?

T20 world cup defense will be litmus test...I think there is an element of luck that defines success and failure in T20...if Dravid would have managed to hold on to that regulation slip catch from Symmo...RCB would have won.

Anyways take care and do write to me if you read this .