Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back...

All of you millions of fans out there, I am still alive and not gone the MJ way yet!
So rejoice!
OK, lot of stuff has been hapenning in the cricket world and I have followed it diligently; only could not find time to blog about the same.
So here goes:
T20 World Cup was as entertaining as it always is and threw some new heroes, thanks to IPL.
The Ashes are here as a super relief from the Mad Mad World of T20 (which is a great world too, but nothing beats Test Cricket). Bad boy Ricky hit a mangnificient 150 to close in on Sachin's records and more importantly to put the match beyond England. English attack looks depleted (as usual?)
In other news, SL have beaten Pakistan in a keen home contest that had fans like me sitting up and taking notice as Pakistan almost managed the unthinkable - beating SL in SL!!!
India manged to beat WI 2-1 in a not so just result, but was great to watch the Carribeans in action after a long time.

Keep watching this space for more analysis and criticisms and appreciations.

I have also updated my other blog linked to the right of your screen. Go read.


Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !!

We all missed you.

Inner Vision said...

nice to have you back...welcome back!!!

Ranjeet said...

Thanks guys, is good to be back!

Abhijit said...

Welcome back, Ranjeet!:-)

Was eager to read your notes abt Tick-20 matches:-)

Ranjeet said...

Hi Abhijit, thanks for dropping by. man the test matches are so interesting (SL beat Pak in 3 days, Bangladesh creating history by beating West Indies and England saving the test by their teeth) that T 20 seems a distant memory. :D